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I’m a communications and digital specialist with over 7 years of experience in earned media, content creation, and digital organizing. I’ve worked for PACS, labor bodies, and grassroots candidates running for every level of office. In order to defeat the right-wing propaganda machine, I believe the progressive movement must invest in communications and digital strategies that empower everyday people to fully participate in our democracy. 

My goal is to develop accessible messaging and communications that make it easier for Americans to engage with our political and electoral system and expand the progressive footprint.

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With Ads, Imagery and Words, Republicans Inject Race Into Campaigns

Recent ads have prompted Democrats and their allies to accuse Republicans of resorting to racist fear tactics to scare Americans into voting Republican.

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Running ads portraying Black candidates as soft on crime — or as “different” or “dangerous” — Republicans have shed quiet defenses of such tactics for unabashed defiance.

As Republicans seize on crime as one of their leading issues in the final week

Biden Counting On Midterm Wins to Shape Legacy for 2024 and Beyond

For President Joe Biden, the 2022 midterms are about much more than the balance of power in Congress next year.

The outcome of the election in November will shape the remainder of Biden's first term in office. The midterms will also set the next election cycle in motion, forcing him to start laying the groundwork for his reelection bid — assuming he decides to run again — and Democrats to begin preparing for a much more challenging political map in the Senate in 2024.

Senate Democrats will be

‎The Daily Beans: Bannon Sentencing Recommendation (feat. Chris Scott) on

Tuesday, October 18th, 2022

Today, in the Hot Notes: the DoJ files its sentencing recommendation for Steve Bannon in his criminal contempt case asking for 6 months in prison and a $200K fine; some very racy texts come to light in the Oath Keepers trial; a house inquiry has found that Trump Hotels bilked taxpayers by charging Secret Service rates; the jury is deliberating in the last ditch case by Durham to prove literally anything about the investigation into Crossfire Hurricane; plus Allison a

Help or hindrance? Biden takes a back seat as Trump goes all in on midterms

Raucous music will be played, bellicose speeches will be given and big lies will be told. Donald Trump will hold his 20th and 21st campaign rallies of the year in Nevada and Arizona this weekend, urging voters to support Republican candidates in the midterm elections.

Joe Biden will be relaxing at home in Delaware.

The 45th and 46th US presidents have always been like chalk and cheese and those differences extend to how they approach next month’s crucial vote to determine control of Congress a